Saheed Awan

Independent consultant - collateral management, securities finance, capital market infrastructures

Saheed Awan is a highly regarded innovator, product manager and independent subject matter expert in market infrastructure, collateral management services, securities financing, securities processing, custody and derivatives trading and processing. He has a track record of leadership in the conception, development, project management and marketing of financial infrastructure services and banking products. Saheed's career in financial services spans over three decades, of which 20 years have been focused exclusively on capital markets. He conceived and managed Euroclear's ground-breaking open and global infrastructure for collateral management, the Collateral Highway, which in 2012 received from Custody Risk an award for Most Innovative Project. He has also been recognised for his work with regulators creating an advanced legal framework in Luxembourg for collateral management. Saheed also conceived and managed Clearstream’s successful Global Securities Financing products. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has been featured extensively in financial publications. His experience allows him to bring a unique and holistic perspective, including the strategic, legal, technological, operations and marketing aspects for trading, clearing and settlement of securities.

Michael Barrett

Global head of collateral management services and solutions, Genpact Capital Markets

Michael Barrett heads the collateral management practice for the financial markets solutions group within Genpact Capital Markets, a global consulting and IT services company. Michael has 30 years of experience in banking and securities, with the last 15 focused on global markets and global securities services including global market infrastructure, global securities clearance and custody, and global securities finance including collateral management. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and is on the faculty of Global Markets Insight, where he conducts courses in advanced collateral management and collateral optimization. Prior to joining Genpact, Michael was a founding partner in Global Collateral Management Solutions (GCMS), a strategic business advisory firm specializing in designing enterprise-wide target operating models for collateral management, and new market and product development for collateral services. Headstrong, and then Genpact Headstrong, was a client at that time, along with several global banking firms and asset managers. Before founding GCMS with his partners, Michael led Clearstream Banking, the international central securities depository, in the Americas, was managing director for global securities services in the Americas for Deutsche Bank, and led new product development, business strategy and marketing for a capital management division of Wachovia Bank. 

Paul Bodart

Independent board member, Dexia SA/NV

Paul Bodart is an independent board member of Dexia SA/NV, appointed January 2013, and chairs its audit committee. He is also a professor at the Brussels-based Solvay Business School. Previously, Paul was a non-central bank member of the Target2-Securities (T2S) Board and was general manager of the Brussels branch of BNY Mellon, responsible for all global custody operations, a role from which he is now retired. Paul joined Bank of New York in 1996 as senior vice president, was promoted to executive vice president in 2003, and in 2009 his responsibilities were extended to head EMEA operations in the asset servicing sector.  As such, Paul was a member of the European executive team. Paul was also CEO and executive director of BNY Mellon SA/NV, a fully owned banking subsidiary of BNY Mellon responsible for securities services. Prior to joining Bank of New York, Paul worked for Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, Euroclear, JP Morgan and Banque Européenne pour l’Amérique latine, a subsidiary of Generale Bank and ABN/AMRO Bank.

Thom Fisher

Thom has over 40 years of international investment banking, asset management and securities servicing industry experience including 16 years in Asia, 11 years in Europe and seven years in the US on the buy side, in a career spanning senior roles at BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, NatWest Securities, Tiger Management, BPB Associates, Morgan Stanley and Barclays Wealth Management.

He joined BNY Mellon in 2010 as Tokyo-based country executive and chief strategist. Thom spent four years in Singapore as chief infrastructure officer for Asia-Pacific at Deutsche Bank (2003-2006). He was for two years based in Hong Kong and three years in Japan for Morgan Stanley in the 1980s, directing the initiative to be the first foreign firm to trade and self-clear on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He ran a hedge fund/prime brokerage consulting practice alongside three partners in the mid-1990s.

Thom worked at Deutsche Bank for 10 years; as managing director in the London-based prime finance business; responsible for strategy and implementation for operations in New York; and as chief information officer in Asia-Pacific, based in Singapore. Before that Thom headed European equity operations in London, managing 500 staff.

Thom was a member of the Advisory Board of Hong Kong Exchange – Clearing Consultative Panel; former Chairman of the Omgeo Advisory Board in Hong Kong/Singapore; and a member of the Securities Institute of London.

Werner Frey

Managing director, post trade division, Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)

AFME was set up through a merger of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Europe and the London Investment Banking Association. From 2002 to 2008, Werner was chief executive of the European Securities Forum (ESF), which was renamed the European Securities Services Forum upon its integration in SIFMA Europe in spring 2008. Prior to ESF, he advised financial institutions, particularly securities infrastructure organisations in Europe. Earlier in his career he occupied senior positions in banking, and, from 1988 to 1997, was a member of the executive board of Bank Leu, since 1990 part of the Credit Suisse Group.

Mark Jennis

Managing director, MLJ Advisory Services

Mark Jennis is currently a managing director at MLJ Advisory responsible for global advisory services related to the creation, development, implementation and efficient operation of financial markets infrastructure initiatives.

Mark has over 30 years of experience in collateral and risk management and post trade processing. Prior to the inception of MLJ Advisory, Mark was a founder and executive Chairman of DTCC-Euroclear GlobalCollateral, a collateral management joint venture which addressed the new global regulations for OTC derivatives, securities financing and lending.

Mark was a managing director at Morgan Stanley and held numerous roles including global head of listed derivatives and commodities operations, global head of collateral management, global head of prime brokerage operations and technology strategy, and other risk management and operations functions. Prior to Morgan Stanley, Mark was the global head of collateral management and credit teporting at Bankers Trust and a management consultant responsible for reengineering trading and operations processes at various financial institutions.